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Garrett Nickelsen and John O’Callaghan by anodetoinfinity on Flickr.

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Earlier this month, we proudly announced the newest artist addition to the 8123 family - Eagles In Drag.  

Thanks so much to all of the fans who have been following along with our online clues about the project - many of you pieced together the Instagram puzzle which revealed the band’s line up, consisting of the following members:

John O’Callaghan - Vocals/Guitar

Trey Nickelsen - Guitar

Jared Monaco - Guitar

Eric Halvorsen - Bass

Ryan Gose - Drums

The project’s frontman John O’Callaghan, who initiated the group back in 2012, took some time to answer a few frequently asked questions leading up to the release. You can read his responses to learn more about Eagles In Drag below.

Q&A With John O’Callaghan

Many people have been asking “What is Eagles In Drag”? How would you answer that question?

Eagles In Drag is a group of mates unified by tunes attempting to step outside of their respective musical projects in order to broaden their creative horizons and channel their inner weirdness.

What inspired you to form EID and why did you pick these members?

My thirst for songwriting and passion for creating music sparked the idea. Once I had a clearer vision of how I wanted to go about presenting this project I thought of friends I’d never really jammed with that I respect as musicians and creative minds.

How was the recording and writing chemistry between all members of EID? How was this experience different than writing with The Maine?

I prefaced the whole endeavor by expressing my main intention…writing music and having fun while doing it. Playing music with unique people teaches you a lot about your skill set and the talents you possess. The guys and I sat in a room, wrote tunes, then took those straight to the studio without over thinking a thing and set no boundaries while doing so. The Maine is my true baby, this was just a few dates with a chick you know you’re never going to call again.

What is the goal with this release?

The goal has already been accomplished, write music with people I hadn’t yet played with and experiment with a darker side of my brain.

How would you describe the sound of EID?

A heavy animal being transported from zoo to zoo on the back of a flatbed towed by a nasty old truck.

Thanks for supporting the 8123 Family - we’re excited for you all to hear the new EP in full tomorrow!


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"The Maine is my true baby."

John O’Callaghan (via themainearemyheroes)
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Tumblr en We Heart It.

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I’ve been busy these past few months so I haven’t been updating this blog that much at all and I apologize for that, but I’m back and will be updating much more often now. So if you love The Maine and want more of them on your dash then you should follow this blog dedicated to them!

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John O’Callaghan

The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA


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John O’Callaghan
The Maine
June 20, 2013


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Finally <3

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